Your Travel Nanny, LLC International Essay Contest Rules


All entrants and their parents must read in full and then download, print, sign, and send the parental consent form along with the other items listed. 



     Click the above attachment to view the parental  consent form.


Who is this contest for?

This contest is for kids ages 8-13 in the U.S., Canada, South America, Mexico, Central America, Europe, and anywhere else as long as you can write your essay in English or Spanish. This contest is designed to give you the freedom to write about something you're passionate about. Are you a ballerina that loves to dance 24/7? Write about it! Is ice hockey your favorite sport? Maybe you love to watercolor paint or you have written songs that you play on your ukelele. Whatever it might be, we here at Your Travel Nanny, LLC want to hear all about it!

Look for specific details below.

What prizes are available?

There are cash prizes available to each age division. The cash prizes are as follows:

Ages 8-9: $50

Ages 10-11: $75

Ages 12 and 13: $100

Please note: The winners will be announced on or before July 31st, 2018. The cash prizes will be awarded shortly after this. All contestants much be in the age category of ages 8-13 by May 15th, 2018. A contestant will not be considered for prizes if they are outside of this age category on May 15th, 2018. Two honorable mentions per age category will also be noted on our website and possibly on our social media. In the event that the winner is not reached by email or phone within ten days of winning, the prize will go to the first runner up. 

How will the judging work?

Each child's entry will be judged based on the following criteria:

bonus art- up to 10 points

creativity- up to 15 points

clarity of content- up to 25 points

grammar- up to 25 points

legibility- up to 25 points

If I win, how will I receive my money?

After the winners are chosen and contacted the winner will either be written a check or, if the winner is from another country, a money transfer through Western Union will be initiated. If the child does not have his or her own bank account the money will be sent to the parent and the parent must give the child the money.

What do I need to send in?

Each contestant will need to send in their completed parental consent form, their hand-written entry (which must be written on the appropriate page that is included in the consent form), and optional art. Remember that all entries must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2018. Any entry that does not include the parental consent form will immediately be disqualified.

Please note that these essays will not be returned.

How long should my essay be?

For children ages eight to nine, a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. For children ages 10-13, two full paragraphs are required.

All entries must be hand-written in either print or cursive on lined note paper.

What kind of art may I include?

A simple form of art might be a drawing. Feel free to get more creative and do whatever you would like. Please remember that the art and essays will not be returned.

How do I know if I win?

You will be contacted by Lexi Boyer of Your Travel Nanny, LLC by telephone if you are a winner.

What is the entry deadline?

All entries must be post-marked no later than May 15th, 2018. 

What is the age cutoff date?

All contestants must be within the age category of

 8-13 to qualify for this contest. If a child is younger than eight or older than thirteen by May 15, 2018 they are not eligible to enter.


What mailing address do I use?

Please send entries to:

Your Travel Nanny, LLC

Lexi Boyer

P.O. Box 647

Jackson, WY 83001

United States Of America

Don't forget to have your parents help you with addressing the package and making sure you have the correct postage (especially if you live outside the U.S.).


What is Your Travel Nanny, LLC?

Just what it sounds like! Nannies from our nanny agency in Jackson, WY, USA are ready to travel with your family on vacation to make it stress-free for your parents. We also specialize in traveling with elderly persons, local nanny care, cooking, pet sitting, dog walking, and more!

Why is Your Travel Nanny, LLC, putting on this contest?

Lexi, the owner of Your Travel Nanny, LLC, thought that it would be fun to host a contest. Not only do kids win cash prizes, but more people find out about the travel nannies. 

Privacy policy: We here at Your Travel Nanny, LLC respect your privacy. All personal information for entrants will be used soley for the purpose of this contest. Your information will not be sold and the only shared information will be what you have agreed to as per this contest. (Such as to announce the winners of this contest.)

                           Good luck!!!!!