Mya is a 24-year-old from Massachusetts who has been living in

Jackson for two years. She originally came for one winter, but quickly found herself falling in love with the area and now can't leave! Mya grew up with a large family and was gun-ho about helping care for her little brother at the age of four. She officially started babysitting at age 14, after years of taking care of her little cousins. Mya has also worked as a mentor in community programs specifically for both underprivileged children and girls. She ski instructs during the winter at Jackson Hole, with the goal of helping children and women feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. During her spare time, she loves to ski, mountain bike, skateboard, climb, paint, bake, cook and volunteer. She has many passions and hopes to

inspire many generations to be creative and follow their greatest joys in life. Working with children brings Mya joy

             and she enjoys how much she learns from them.