Cabin Fever Activities

Let's face it: By the time February rolls around, those of us in snow country are getting cabin fever. Maybe we didn't get out to ski much or never got a refreshing getaway to somewhere warm. By now everyone in the family can use some fresh ideas for winter fun. May these activities inspire you to live each snowy day to it's fullest!

1. Skating. What a classic winter activity!

2. Check out the Visitor Center. Free and engaging! Our local Visitor Center currently even has a special event with live birds on Friday afternoons!

3. Sledding. I enjoy this even more than the kids!

4. Ride the START bus. Kids think this is very exciting!

5. Story time at the Library. Kids enjoy this and it's a great way to meet other moms!

6. Do a tea party. Go all out with scones and sandwiches or keep it simple by buying store bought cookies. Whatever floats your boat!

7. Take the kids for a visit at your local home for the elderly. ( Call for permission first. ) It brings joy to these people to have someone to talk to and share stories with. You might even be able to take a small pet like a baby goat or a rabbit to share.

8. Another service idea ( for older kids ) is to take them to your local homeless shelter and cook a meal. I remember being challenged by my mom to step out of my comfort zone when she would take my brothers and I to cook as children. It has been a great way to serve my community and I still do it to this day.

9. Host a " show and tell " party for your kids and their friends. What kid doesn't like to talk about something they're passionate about?

10. Encouraging cards. Think of a few people that could use a note of encouragement or that would just love to hear from your kids. You can send them hand made cards or store bought. Either way they will be delighted to hear from you!

11. On the next snow day, ask the kids which neighbor might need help shoveling their walk ( or driveway if you are feeling ambitious ) . As a family, bless them by doing their shoveling.

12. Gallery walk! Even kids enjoy looking at beautiful pictures of wildlife and fine paintings.

13. Say hi to the animals at your local animal shelter.

There are many more things that could be added to this list but this should keep you busy for a while. Look for more blogs soon!

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