Five Reasons To Visit Peru

One of my friends from Jackson and I were lucky enough to get to visit a dear friend and Peruvian native there in Peru last month. What an experience! Here is a list of must-sees in Peru, although, it is by no means comprehensive.

Machu Picchu, of course!

This destination is on everyone's bucket list and no trip to Peru would be complete without visiting the Inca city in the sky. The ancient civilization

Tasting guinea pig for the first time!

is one of the seven wonders of the world. Pictures do not do it justice! Take the easy route by train then bus, or, for you adventurous folks, you can get there via a four day backpacking trip.

The fresh fruit juices.

Not only does Peru have many fruits that are uncommon or even unknown here in the US, but fresh fruit juices are served at almost all of the Peruvian restaurants. The passion fruit juice is to die for!


This city, with a population of 435,000, boasts beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets. Try to find a bargain at one of the many local marketplaces and explore ruins outside the city ( such as Sacsayhuaman ). Enjoy local hospitality at family-run Cafe D'Wasi coffee shop.

The cuisine.

Whether you want to experience traditional local dishes ( try Lomo Saltado and Aji De Gallina ) or go exotic by tasting alpaca and guinea pig, Peru is a food lovers paradise.


From the luscious jungles of Tarapoto, to the sand dunes and desert oasis at Huacachina, to the towering mountains of the Andes, Peru is a country of diversity. Whether surfing on the coast near Lima or dining on fine local cuisine in the city, Peru has something for everyone.

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