Easy Exercises For Busy Moms

Often times moms hardly have time to do the dishes or laundry- let alone a huge workout! But don't be discouraged if you've fallen behind on your New Year's resolutions. Here are several exercises that can be done at home while the kids are napping. They might even want to join in on a few of them!

Jumping rope (yes, like the kind you did in middle school) .

Not only is a jump rope cheap and portable, but jumping rope is a pretty intense workout that will really get your heart rate up! Doubtful? Just try five or ten minutes of it and see if you don't break a sweat!

Medicine ball lunges.

Hold a medicine ball (A weighted exercise ball. Mine weighs 12 pounds.) in front of your chest with both hands while doing lunges. After about 20 laps of these around the house and I'm really huffing and puffing!

Sit-ups and push-ups.

Classics, but very effective for strong abs and working your biceps. For an additional challenge for push-ups, try putting you feet on a one or two-foot incline (such as a chair or coffee table) , keeping your hands on the floor.


One of my favorite exercises! Over-the-door pull-up bars are fantastic!

Jumping on a trampoline- regular or miniature.

Fitness DVD's.

These can be fun for the whole family, especially dance ones! A two-year-old recently did this with me and it kept his attention for 10 minutes!

Remember, when exercising, sometimes small goals are the most practical. For example, it has been my goal to do fifty sit-ups every-other day. For the most part this has been and easy goal to keep because it is small. Even if I get behind, it is easy to jump back into it. After all, it only takes two minutes. So cheers to your health and enjoy these quick exercises!

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