Nourishing Body Butter

After returning from a road trip to Oregon last summer with a huge brick of beeswax from a farmers market, I was determined to put it to good use by coming up with an easy body butter recipe. After a little trial and error, here is the result! Say goodbye to lotions with unpronounceable ingredients and hello to this versatile body butter! It goes on a bit greasy until it soaks in (a little goes a long way), but will leave your body soft and smooth! Plus, the coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen. Use it on your skin, lips, baby bottoms, etc. Pour into fancy tins or jars with a ribbon for an easy gift! You might even try adding various scented essential oils.

Nourishing Body Butter

1/4 Cup beeswax

1/2 Cup coconut oil

1/2 Cup olive oil

In a medium saucepan over low heat, begin to melt the beeswax. After two minutes add the coconut oil, and then, after two more minutes, the olive oil. Be careful not to have the heat up too high or it might splatter! Continue to stir until all the ingredients are melted. Turn off the heat and carefully pour the hot oil mixture into glass or metal containers with lids. Let cool completely before using.

Note: You can also experiment with the ratios of the oils and the amount of beeswax. I live in Wyoming, so this recipe hardens to the perfect consistency here. However, if you live in Florida, this recipe might be too wet/soft at room temperature. Adding more beeswax gives it a harder consistency.

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