Plane Travel Treasure Bag- What to take on the plane so that the kids stay happy and mom keeps her s

Here are essentials for plane travel with children.

For little ones, planes and air travel is completely new. Before you go, be sure to read The Noisy Airplane Ride by Mike Downs. It will get your toddler excited for the plane ride and give them idea of what to expect. It is also a great idea to hit up your local dollar store before you go to find special surprises like many of them listed below. Having special treats and surprises for your child during the flight will keep the long plane ride exciting and memorable. Remember that not all of these items are appropriate for every age. This is just a random list of everything I could think of!

Here is that list:

- Paper dolls

- Bring cheerios and string to make edible necklaces.

- Paper clips (also for making necklaces)

- Rubber stamps and paper

- Make a collage with magazine pictures!

- Magna Doodle

- Pipe cleaners

- Scrabble

- Mini Legos

- Finger puppets

- Wikki Stix

- Play Dough

- Oragami

- Plastic animals for little ones. You can also buy Washi Tape (colorful tape that is decorative and easy to peel off) in different colors. Try making a scene for your animals with the tape...maybe a barn and fences. You could also make roads and houses for toy cars with the tape.

- A clip board with sand paper and yarn (This is perfect for toddlers because the yarn sticks to the sandpaper and will keep them entertained for quite some time.)

- Triangular crayons (so they don't roll away) and a new coloring book with your child's favorite superhero.

- Decorate a mask ( One that is ready to go but just needs to be colored.)

- Lacing cards (cardboard animals, letters, etc with holes for lacing string)

- Use the flight magazines to play animal I Spy (find all of the animals in the magazine) or The Alphabet Game.

- Bring pipe cleaners, cloth flowers, and ribbon to make a fancy headdress.

- Snacks that take a while to eat (such as raisins) will keep the kids occupied.

- Bring engaging books like Where's Waldo for older children or puppet books for babies.

- Children ages one to two will have fun with post-it-notes. You can use them to stick around and make patterns with different colors or for doodling.

- Bring a wallet and fill it with business cards, used gift cards, etc, so that your toddler can help mom and dad "pay" for things.

- Buy "52 Fun Things To Do On The Plane" by Lynn Gordon. ( You can find these cards on Amazon for Under $5.)

- Pens and paper so that you can play Connect The Dots, Tic-Tac-Toe and Hang Man.

- You can store some of these things inside of a metal lunch box. Place alphabet or number magnets on the lunch box and work on numbers or practice writing names.

- Older children might enjoy writing letters, so bring cards, envelopes, addresses and stamps.

- Tattoos are easy to pack and can be done while you wait for your next flight.

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