Twenty-five Rainy Day Activities To Do With Kids

Never stay bored again on a rainy day with these boredom-busting rainy day activities!

!. Make a tye-dye tee shirt!

2. Play Pick-Up-Sticks

3. Make your own lava lamp! (Check out Pinterest for details.)

4. Bake cookies and take them to a neighbor.

5. Make your own Play Dough.

6. Create your own animal habitat: Find a shoe box and decorate the inside with a plastic animal such as a bear. You could glue on pictures of trees or maybe pebbles to make a rock cave. You could do a beach scene with real sand and shells and a plastic dolphin. Get creative, there are lots of fun ways to do it!

7. Read an entire book in one afternoon!

8. With your creative juices flowing, go around your house and reinvent spaces to play fun games. For example, maybe a painting is really a secret hatch to a hidden room in the house...What goes on back there? Your closet might really be a portal to the Chin Dynasty! The garage isn't just a garage, it's a new place to jam with your rock-star musician siblings!

9. Call a grandparent. Better yet, if you live in the same town have them over for a visit. It will truly make their day!

10. Make a collage.

11. Plan your dinner menu by blindfolding a member of the family. That person has to randomly point to a place on a map or globe. Now go research that country and plan your dinner menu around a recipe from that country. You might even want to dress up in traditional attire or listen to music from the country.

12. Bust out the board games or play Twister or Uno!

13. Ask mom and dad what you can do to help around the house to make some extra cash.

14. Make all sorts of paper mache masterpieces!

15. Dress up for an afternoon tea party. Make it complete with cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and invite a friend!

16. Do you have an idea for an invention? Try to make it at home (with mom and dad's permission) or interview the family for feedback. You can ask questions like, "Do you think my invention is needed (or will work)?" And, "Why, " or, "Why not?"

17. Raid the recycling bin and see which family member can make the coolest recycled creation. You can also use items like googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make them extra fun!

18. Paint rocks!

19. Make a wood critter by decorating a piece of wood with googly eyes, yarn for hair, toilet paper roll ears, a pipe cleaner tail, etc.

20. Make sprouts! Pour 2 T of uncooked mung beans or lentils into a jar. Cover with water for 24 hours then drain off the water. For the next few days, about three times a day rinse the beans or lentils in the jar and drain off the water. By day four the beans will have nice sprouts growing and you can eat them on salads, in soups, or even stir frys!

21. Learn a new song! Youtube is a great resource for getting to see and hear the lyrics of a song you might want to learn or only know partially.

22. Ask your parents to help you contact a friend that lives far away and write them a letter. You could even include cool light-weight things in the envelope like stickers or feathers. Who knows, they might even want to become your pen pal!

23. Make Oobleck (goop with cornstarch and water)! Just mix a little water into the corn starch. You can find a more detailed recipe online.

24. Make a necklace with dry pasta (that has a hole through it) and string or yarn.

25. Make a bird feeder by covering a bagel with peanut butter and then raisins and seeds. Tie yarn around it for a hanger. Just be sure to put it under branches out of the rain so it doesn't get washed away!

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