Many thanks to everyone that has helped along the way in this exciting travel nanny adventure. I am extremely blessed to have the love, imput, and care that you have blessed me with! Here are just a handful of the people that I should be thanking. I am also grateful for my customers, family, friends,  Jackson Hole nannies, and especially my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Graeme and Mara Swain

The ones who first presented me with the idea of being a travel nanny. You have given me valuable resources and imput in this exciting journey. A million thanks for inspiring me with this dream career and helping me every step of the way!

Meg Farrington and Marsha Landis

Meg, for your help with making my website easy to find on Google and Marsha, for volunteering your time to work on helping make this website beautiful!

Christine Swain

The original "Travel Nanny" (as far as I'm concerned) and my personal travel nanny hero. Thanks for letting me follow in your footsteps. Your stories were my inspiration!

Stacie Tunison

Nanny extraordinaire that rescued me with her wisdom and friendly advice. Your hours of help have been such an asset in getting this off the ground. Thank you!!!

Wynnae Dyess

The encouraging friend that has quietly helped me behind the scenes and listened to my boring business babble. Nae, you're the best!

Ashley Merritt Photography

Thank you for the beautiful photos, Ashley, and for your eagerness to help spread the word about my business!

Stevie Clark

This woman is crazy talented! Thank you, Stevie, for the beautiful logo. You can find Stevie on Etsy. Look for her business name, The Starry Cabin.