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Ready for a nanny that puts down her phone and focuses on the kids? pick Your Travel Nanny!!

       Tired of stressing out on

      vacation? Need a break from

       little ones tugging on you?

Want to lay on the beach, reading

     a book and sipping a tropical

   beverage, all the while knowing

 that the kids are in good hands?

                 We can Help!!


Established 2016
       Did you know?
      YTN is Jackson's 
    newest nanny agency! 
      Our nannies are
  unique in that we travel
    with you on vacation 
   to lend a helping hand.
Locally owner and operated
  by a fifth generation 
      Jackson native.

    Ready to take a vacation?

Why not take Your Travel Nanny with you?

   IMAGINE a night out  for dinner and going to

      explore the city without kids. Or SLEEPING IN. 

  This Jackson Hole nanny is ready to travel with your family.          You've found what you are looking for in Lexi. She loves

     kids and happens to be an international travel nanny.

  So what are you waiting for? Call Lexi now and pack your bags.                        You're in for a REAL vacation.


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                  Our  Pledge  To  You

Being safe and responsible with kids is our top priority (as well as having FUN!). We will embrace your family values and do our very best to be an asset to you! Here are some promises that you can count on.

Interactions with children:

- We are kind, compassionate, and gentle with children.

- We will nurture and love your child and do our best to be a positive role model.

General Conduct/safety:

- we pledge not to talk on the phone or text while driving.

 - we try to look for ways to be a helper in our down time.  You are more likely to find us sweeping, doing dishes or laundry, or doing whatever obviously needs to be done than watching tv. 

- Timeliness is of great importance to us. We will do our best to be punctual!

- This vacation is YOURS, not your nanny's, and we're ready to work, and work hard! 

- We will not publish photos of your child without parental consent.

- We are flexible and have a good attitude. 

- We do our best to use good judgement and common sense at all times. When in doubt, we ask.

- We try to be teachable. Please give correction when needed!

-  We do our best to prefer your needs/ the needs of the child/children above our own.

- We will let you know when We're sick and not just show up to your house like that.

This business is           licensed,


    and insured